Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello again

Like many women my age, I grew up with Hello Kitty. Somewhere in a drawer or on a shelf in my parents' house, a large collection of stickers, pencil cases, erasers, and note pads, is hiding out, waiting to see daylight again. They are all unmarked, unused, and unpeeled, making me wonder today whether their pristine nature is more a sign of childhood restraint or of deference.

Simone's Hello Kitty Birthday Cake - back

It doesn't matter. Although Hello Kitty now belongs to a whole new generation where she can be a blinged out, luxury brand, pop culture icon in her own right, it is nice to know that to a four year old girl like Simone, she is still just Hello Kitty, that wide-eyed, big headed, cute but mute (no mouth?) cat that is every bow-loving girly girl's cartoon dream.

Fondant Hello Kitty adorns a 9" round chocolate cake with layers of chocolate and raspberry mousse, glazed with a shiny chocolate glaze. She is surrounded by colourful fondant daisies and was easily removed before cutting and serving because no one wants to dismember Hello Kitty and eat her left paw. Meanwhile, here is a photo of the real Hello Kitty who keeps me company...

Hello Simba