Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pride and piping

My cake is finished and I am proud to show it off to the world! I have always wanted to make a Tiffany & Co. robin's egg blue cake and the colour contrast with the ivory details is very eye-catching.

Piping with royal icing was the most enjoyable part of my cake's creation. Honestly, I think that I could sit for hours piping royal icing and be perfectly content. The beads were purposely piped to have a "drop" effect by making my royal icing more liquid in consistency. Interestingly, the ivory fondant bows and ribbons were formed from commercially prepared rolled fondant which was hiding in the pastry kitchen and I admit that it was very easy to use with the perfect texture which did not seem to ever dry out.

Unfortunately, Pan Pacific rules prevent me from bringing home my lovely wedding cake but really, what would I do with it anyways?


Eddie Wong said...

Hey Charmaine,

Wow! Your wedding cake looks really really good! If you enjoy piping royal icing so much, have you consider doing wedding cakes for a living? Anyhow, have fun at Pan, and I look forward to seeing what your next assignment is.


Charmaine said...

Thanks Eddie! I would love to make wedding cakes for a living. Best of luck to you in the pastry world.

Turtlekeeper Designs said...

From your sketch with Caitlin's washable markers to perfect fruition. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I love your cakes. You do such a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bride-to-be who was searching pictures of cakes on Google image, and I love your cake! It truely is a work of art.

I'm planning a simple-but-elegant afternoon summer wedding with hors d'oeuvres, coffee, and cake afterward instead of a full meal, with the cake as the focal point. I hope to find a chef to do a cake with smooth darker chocolate ganache draped over white or yellow cake with raspberry filling, perhaps accented with fresh raspberries on the cake.

Charmaine said...

Thank you klee and E.Holmes! Good luck with the wedding planning :)

Lisa said...

Just happened upon this whilst looking for blue cake inspiration. I think I found it! Beautiful.