Monday, February 25, 2008

Bloody scared

Is there such thing as too much creative freedom? For me, order, guidelines, lists, and objectives have always ruled my life. Even within the world of pastry arts, there are methods and confines which are set, giving me great comfort in its exactness and precision. Recently, I had to step outside this comfort zone temporarily as part of a beginner DSLR photography course. Being asked to "just do anything" scares me to the core and amplifies my existing self-conscious and self-critical internal chatter ten-fold.

After getting over the initial hurdle, the field trip to Granville Island market with my photography class was very freeing and insightful. Given three hours to roam freely, eventually I found myself being oblivoius to anyone around me and not caring how silly I looked running towards beautifully lit potatoes or a gorgeous pile of blood oranges. My introverted self does have limits though and photographing people is still terrifying so for now, my subjects remain edible.

Of course, I could not resist buying blood oranges in order to make blood orange sorbet. They are so sanguine and juicy with the most appealing crimson flesh. The flavour is more mellow than a regular navel orange with a touch of bitterness. So simple to make, the whole batch of blood orange sorbet may be gone by the time I finish this post...

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Cakebrain said...

Hi Charmaine,
I'm from Vancouver too! Love your blog! I haven't taken any photography courses yet--don't know what I'm doing--but I'm having fun fiddling with my new camera anyway!