Sunday, May 4, 2008


A wonderful thing happened this week. It has been three years since my overdue departure from ophthalmology. Throughout this time, I have developed a better sense of myself and have attempted to negate any external and internal judgment and self-doubt by immersing myself in my new chosen profession. Despite these efforts, I still do not consistently feel at peace with my decision, partially because of the enormity of the transition and anxiety surrounding how others may view my choice. But after reading this article (thank you Judy), my psyche is eased by the knowledge that someone else has had this unique experience. Being able to communicate, share, and receive true empathy from a fellow physician-patissier about the ups and downs of our often misunderstood career change has been comforting.

Thus, I do not feel so strange and alone today. In fact, having met a nurse, several engineers, and now an OB/GYN who have followed their passions to pastry, I am honoured to be in their company.


Cannelle Et Vanille said...

This really resonates with me because I also left my previous profession to immerse myself in the world of pastry.

I went to business school and even received an MBA. I always loved pastry and I come from a family of pastry chefs, but my parents wanted to me to receive a degree of what they thought was a higher status profession, so I did, and I was miserable. So when I turned 28, I left, and went to culinary school. I worked my way through school and because I loved my new craft, I landed very good jobs (with little pay) working for tremendous pastry chefs. That was priceless and I will never regret my decision.

Yes, sometimes, I feel like I will never be as good as the French pastry chefs I worked for who starter when they were 14. But that's also not my goal.

never compare yourself to others. just do what your heart tells you to do because that's your path to happiness.

I love your blog and I will be here to support you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad my random surfing was of such benefit to you Charmaine! The imagery you used in this post was beautiful!

Charmaine said...

Thank you Aran and Judy :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Charmaine,
I read your blog this morning and was so pleased to see Matthew's beautiful Curious George cake. The cake was not only beautiful, but also delicious! The cake was the hit of Matthew's 1st birthday, so again....thank you. I can't wait until his 2nd birthday and hope that you will make another magnificent masterpiece. Many thanks, Corey :)