Monday, August 18, 2008

Something blue

Blueberries were always a part of my childhood summers. A family friend owned a blueberry farm and picking blueberries was a regular event each August. My mom would wash, dry, and freeze bags and bags of blueberries to make blueberry milkshakes for us later in the year. I remember how she would vacuum seal each freezer bag by using a straw to suck out all the air before closing the seal, a technique that I now use. It's funny what little memories stay with me into adulthood as I find myself repeating the same seemingly mundane activities of every day life that I witnessed my mom perform decades ago.

With so many blueberries currently inhabiting my freezer, I decided to incorporate them as a mousse layer into an entremet which was for my friend Patricia's bridal shower. The shower also had a wine theme so a recent purchase from Gehringer Brothers estate winery, a 2007 Private Reserve Riesling, became a gelée layer studded with fresh blueberries. I was thinking of adding some citrus notes and opted for lemongrass mousse because I had a few stalks leftover after cooking up some Vietnamese lemongrass chicken earlier in the week. Finally, two layers of pistachio lime joconde were also assembled into the entremet.

White chocolate spray gave the entremet a velvety finish. The weather here in Vancouver has been very hot lately and so my poor white chocolate curls became extrememly soft but survived intact. No air-conditioning for me. Soon it will be cooler though since unbelievably, there are only two weeks left in August! Luckily, I will have many blueberries in my already crammed freezer to enjoy this winter.


Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know...

We've just featured your blog in our recent post, 20 Tasty Blogs Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth..congratulations!

Thanks so much for creating such a tasty site!

Anonymous said...

Quite an achievement; that's a seriously beautiful-looking Dessert.

What a great combination of flavours too. White chocolate may have been invented to carry all these manner of berries and stone fruits.

Leslie said... attention to detail amazes me! This looks too pretty to eat!

Zoe Francois said...

How lovely these are! A wonderful combination of flavors.

Alexa said...

What a delightful dessert. I love the surprise inside with the colorful layers. Beautifully done!

Bunny said...

You are amazing truly amazing. Everything you make is beautiful.