Monday, October 13, 2008

Seeing red

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Autumn has definitely arrived in Vancouver with the return of rain and chilly mornings at the bus stop. We turned on the heater this weekend and dug out the wooly throw blanket that goes on the couch. The garden needs to be cleaned out and spring bulbs need planting but I am waiting for less soggy weather before venturing out.

Here on the west coast, there are no truly spectacular fall colours to brag about; we are lucky to enjoy the green coastal coniferous rainforest all year round. The one current exception is my fiery lipstick red Japanese maple which graces my patio. Its lacey crimson foliage is something I look forward to every year.

The local British Columbia apple harvest is also in high gear. Although my preferred method of apple consumption is raw, cold, and crisp, the baked, warm, and tender apple in tart or pie form is always a treat. This small and simple French apple tart helped use up the last Royal Gala in the fridge and will go nicely with my roast chicken at tonight's Thanksgiving dinner for two.

Stay tuned for more apple related activities as I will be heading to the UBC Apple Festival next weekend! See you at the tasting tent?


Mallory Elise said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful photos!!! all red but its NOT too much, bravo to you.

BC we are neighbors--i am from seattle but live in spokane. Happy thanksgiving to you too!! my father is from montreal ahk ahk but's been stuck in the states for 25 years so we all try to do as much "canada" as possible.

ps. the photos of that chocolate tart are brilliant. where the hell did you find mirabelles!!!?

Charmaine said...

Mallory Elise: Thanks neighbour! Those are physalis (aka cape gooseberries) and not mirabelles. Sadly, I have never tried a mirabelle but would love to one day!

Ash said...

Love the tarte, looks soo good!