Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A sweet Simian

Monkey in Gift Box Birthday cake

I have to be honest. Monkeys scare me a little. No traumatic childhood ape encounters come to mind, but I have never been keen on our evolutionary cousins. Even those Monsheshe dolls which were hugely popular in the early 1980's had the opposite effect on me. Very creepy.

But everything in cake form seems cuter, doesn't it? Elizabeth, whose term of endearment is "Monkey", was turning one, and to celebrate, a chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse in the form of a 5" cube gift box was created. The cheeky monkey hiding in the box was constructed from Rice Krispie treat and chocolate modelling paste. White chocolate curls were the finishing touch.

Monkey in Gift Box Birthday cake - tail

The gumpaste panels turned out quite well this time, nice and flush (I'll never be a carpenter). The hands and tail were my favourite details. If anyone happened to check, each hand was marked with a single palmar crease in homage to the simians. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


Grimmy said...

This is too cute!! Awesome job.

rlbates said...

So very cute!!!

Memória said...

You did a great job. Wow.

Sugar Siren said...

Very original & actually quite cute I think.

Anonymous said...

Your cakes are sensational! Feast for the eyes!