Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been thinking of buying a new car lately. Although I am fiercely loyal to my 1995 Honda Civic, the muffler is dying again and little rust spots are beginning to show up. My love of this car, however, is not proportional to my love of driving. In fact, I hate driving, especially in Vancouver, and as a result, my odometer has barely cracked 90,000 kms after 15 years, despite following me to Edmonton and Michigan and back. Maybe I don't even need a car?

Ferrari F1 Race Car Birthday Cake - diagonal

I'll leave it to others to appreciate fancy cars and such, especially Ferrari Formula 1 racing cars which I knew nothing about until several weeks ago. This cake was for a big fan of F1 racing and Michael Schumacher, created from chocolate cake, raspberry and vanilla mousseline. The car was built and carved from an 8" x 8" x 2.5" cake but since 30 servings were needed, I added a short 10" x 15" slab for the car to sit on.

I used this photo as the model for this cake and was soon overwhelmed by the number of corporate logos which emblazen the car. It was impossible to replicate the exact number due to scale but at last count, there were 40 hand-piped signs, not to mention the four chunky tires which were Rice Krispie treats inside.

Ferrari F1 Race Car Birthday Cake - closeup

My favourites had to be the miniature Ferrari emblems with the tiny black stallion which forced me to acknowledge that presbyopia is fast approaching. The little Shell signs were also very cute. The driver is the White Stig, a character from a British TV show called Top Gear which I know absolutely nothing about. All I know is that, I can list all of Michael Schumacher's corporate sponsors by heart and that there is a general surgeon in Vancouver lovingly nicknamed Cocoa Stig.


HG said...

Charmaine - your are a TRUE artist! Everyone was absolutely amazed by the cake! And your exquisite details were wholeheartedly appreciated by the 'b-day boy', who recognized within 2 seconds flat that your cake was a replica of Michael Schumacher's winning car from the 2003 - 2004 F1 season! The insides were as 'delicious' as the outside and I can't thank you enough for making a b-day surprise such a WONDERFUL gift and cherished memory.

Blessed Rain said...

I had a honda civic - miss it horribly. IT was so worth fixing up and taking care of.
Good luck with whatever you choose!

Unknown said...

This cake is absolutely amazing! Great job and thanks for sharing!

Plain Chicken said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Cuz
Wow, you never cease to amaze me :). You
are so talented :)
I am glad you are updating your blog more often.
Lots of love to you and Eric
Cuz Lila

Grimmy said...

Very, Very Cool!!!

Chef Scott said...

Amazing Detail! I bow to your prowess... Thank you for sharing these pics...

I know what that teeny writing is about. Very Nice Job. I am humbled