Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Because we had B later than most couples we know, B only has a few baby friends who are close in age. Emma is one of her friends who happens to live close by, making play dates fun and convenient. Big sister Elizabeth has great affection for B, resulting in many kisses and hugs for baby B.
Emma's Kitty Cat Birthday Cake - Cat face

Emma's first word was the name of her neighbour's cat and hence, the cat themed first birthday cake was chosen my mom and dad. Honestly, I designed the cat cake with Elizabeth in mind since Emma really has no clue about cake at her young age. I wanted the design to be bright and feminine but not overly precious and girly. An orange cat was appropriate because Emma is currently a red head, with beautiful silky hair. Admittedly, I am somewhat jealous of babies with thick long locks of hair because poor B has a sparse head of oddly distributed hair, with a short fine spiky top and pseudo-mullet in the back. It is merely a pseudo-mullet because the longer hair only occurs laterally by the back of her ears and not across the nape of her neck!
Emma's Kitty Cat Birthday Cake - Ladybug

I could not resist adding ladybugs to the cake because who doesn't like ladybugs? Inside, chocolate cake and 64% dark chocolate mousse were enjoyed by all. In fact, high praise was given by big sister Elizabeth who concluded that "Charmaine is a good maker of cake". I am humbled by your kind words, Elizabeth. Happy Birthday Emma!


Anonymous said...

You are extrememly talented! This kitty birthday cake is precious, and the display wedding cake a few posts down is perfectly gorgeous. Keep up the great work!

Anisha said...

I cant explain how beautifully u had presented this, it looks just stunning will its colors & floral work.

Rentia said...

You have such clean work everything is perfect