Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Countertop eye candy

I did it. I splurged. After over a decade of coveting KitchenAid stand mixers, I finally invested in this Professional 600 series 6-quart stand mixer (pearl metallic finish). My perspective on these countertop appliances has changed over the years. Initially, as an amateur baking enthusiast, my motivation to own one was purely based on glossy photo spreads featuring modern kitchen decor which always included a stand mixer atop a spotless countertop. The frugal shopper in me, however, could never justify the expense and plus, I could never decide on a colour.

Later, as a pastry student, my teacher Chef Marco was a purist, rarely allowing the use of stand mixers in class unless absolutely necessary. My right bicep became fairly toned from repeated whisking of all meringues and whip cream during school. I was convinced that I would refrain from ever owning a stand mixer because I wanted to be true to the techniques I learned at school. Yet, after working in real pastry kitchens, the invaluable role of the stand mixer is clear to me. Not only does it allow one to multi-task, but also, it allows the safe execution of italian meringues and other techniques which require pouring very hot cooked sugar into whipping egg components.

And so, the newest member of my home kitchen sits proudly on my countertop, already baptized by helping produce pistachio-coconut joconde sponge and mango-passionfruit mousse. Even though I use one almost every day at work, I still can not stop staring at my shiny new stand mixer, knowing it will be part of many future pastry adventures to come!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cuz:
I love your new Kitchen Aide. I have an older one that my step daughter gave me when she got her "professional" one. She is a trained chef. I don't know how I lived without one before.
I love reading your blog and I check it everyday for updates.
Hi to Eric also!!
Love Cuz Lila

Charmaine said...

Thanks Cuz Lila!
I didn't know your step daughter is a trained chef! Hope you are having a great summer. Come visit! Give Jerry a hug. Love Cuz Charm