Monday, February 11, 2008


Valentine's Day was celebrated early at our home this year and involved the obligatory silly cards and a beautiful floral bouquet filled with freesias, tulips, anenomes, and gerber daisies. I have to admit that I love receiving flowers. If I was a billionaire, I would be one of those women who would have a personal florist and a fresh bouquet everyday. In the meantime, the occasional heartfelt bouquet is just fine.

The most heartfelt cookie that I can imagine is the Linzer cookie. Such a perfect pairing of raspberry and hazelnut makes this traditional Austrian cookie an undeniable candidate for Most Romantic Cookie (is there such a list?), especially when shaped as a heart. The glassy ruby jam centre contrasts with the snowy white edges and the hint of clove complements the toasty hazelnut flavour. Somehow heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies or shortbread just don't compare.

From a technical standpoint, Linzer cookies are a bit fussy, to be honest. To achieve a perfectly glassy finish, the raspberry jam should definitely be strained to remove seeds. After dusting the top cookie with icing sugar, any unnecessary handling will lead to fingerprints in that lovely white layer. Spooning just the correct amount of jam into the centre while avoiding rogue drips elsewhere requires patience. Such effort must mean true love for whom Linzer cookies are made!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cuz
Wow the cookies look amazing. It was really nice to have lunch with you and Eric, Michelle, Chris and Caitlin :)
Hopefully next time we are up there we can spend more time with you guys!!
Happy Valentines Day!!
Love Cuz