Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Loving it

I am so thankful that I have friends who love to eat. My friends are not foodies per se, nor gluttons by any means. Yet, these women know the meaning of taking pleasure in the enjoyment of food, savoury or sweet. We all have our gastronomic likes and dislikes (I am probably guilty of the most dislikes) but the sheer joy of eating is something that we all share. For example, we all took pleasure in consuming my friend Shelley's birthday tart, composed of strawberries, dark chocolate ganache, and chocolate frangipane in a chocolate shortcrust.

Shelley's Birthday tart

The converse is always frustrating, sharing a meal with someone who regards food as just calories or where the number of ingredients which are subjectively unpalatable outnumber those which are acceptable. Can you imagine going through life avoiding everything that you suspect has onion in it? In contrast, food intolerances and restrictions are certainly valid issues but even these should never stop one from enjoying food. I know a kosher vegetarian with a nut allergy who appreciates her food, from garden to plate.

Cherry blossoms by Burrard St. Skytrain station, Vancouver
Speaking of gardens, mine is blooming despite being ransacked by skunks who feasted on 50% of my tulip bulbs earlier this year. Cherry blossom season is in full swing and just like the importance of taking time to smell the roses, taking time to gasp at the beauty of a flowering cherry tree is equally important for your mental health!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Here's to ENJOYING food!! :-)

Elissa said...

What a gorgeous tart! And I agree completely - you have to really appreciate food as something enjoyable, not just as a necessity for survival.

Anonymous said...

I think there is nothing worse than cooking for people who take no pleasure in eating.

Love the tart!

Unknown said...

That looks delicious. This is the first time I've visited your blog. I like it.