Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good times

Skating Miga Birthday cake - top

The Olympics may be over but last week, I was indundated with Vancouver 2010 memories. We went to the "Olympic asset recovery" sales warehouse just to poke around and came home with a snow shovel, tarp, clothing rack, two ice packs, two storage bins, and two items of clothing! There were odds and ends for sale ranging from plasma TVs to rubberbands, all of which were once used for the Winter Games.

Skating Miga Birthday cake - details

More importantly, Miga was reincarnated in cake form for a Miga-loving hockey/figure skating enthusiast named Kara. You may recall her Nemo cake from last year. As one of the Vancouver 2010 mascots, Miga is part orca (killer whale) and part Kermode bear who is depicted wearing Kara's pink figure skates while waving her Canadian flag. My favourite detail was the gold medal, which I wanted to be as authentic as possible in its undulating surface and First Nations Raven design. Since I was crazy enough to wait over three hours in line to see and touch the medals, authenticity was a priority!

Miga was constructed from two half-domes and rested on a low 10" x 15" slab of cake. Alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake were filled with mango mousseline. Miga's three fins and skates were Rice Krispie treats. Cherry blossoms and snowflakes were added because, despite their seemingly contradictory pairing, cherry trees in Vancouver did begin to bloom during the Winter Games in February and everyone joked that it was indeed the Spring Olympics!

Skating Miga Birthday cake - face

Today, we might go and check out the former Olympic athletes village which is now on sale as luxury condos. Although marred with significant controversy, this waterfront residential development called Millenium Water is surrounded by new green space and is close to a great gelato shop which would make the perfect Sunday afternoon snack!


Blessed Rain said...

Love your work! Very beautiful

thecoffeesnob said...

This is about the most adorable cake I have ever seen! You're incredibly talented, Charmaine!

Lavender Playground said...

So cute! You stood in line for three hours to touch the medals? That's determination. What did they feel like?

Charmaine said...

Lavender Playground: Heavy! Over 1 pound each.

Amy said...

Wow you're really talented! Your cakes look so good AND delicious! Do you make and sell any of your cakes?


David said...

Adorable...these are awesome looking. You do great work!!